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Book series «Il Prisma»torna su

The book series "Il Prisma" brings together the Faculty’s scientific work and reflects its varied interest in education and related issues.
This is used as the basis for the production of monographs which, whilst concentrating on their chosen topic, at the same time highlight various aspects of education, covering a wide, yet unified, range of interests.

Book series "Il Prisma"

Book series «Orizzonti»torna su

The book series "Orizzonti” stems from the need to look in more depth at the history and educational spirituality of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, and aims to increase public knowledge of the Institute’s social and religious heritage.
The papers accepted for the series focus on historical figures who were exemplary in the field of the education of women and other teaching issues.

Book series "Orizzonti"

The education of man is a human awakening

Jacques Maritain