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Pedagogical Sciences: what is?

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Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
George Washington Carver

What is?back to top

The term pedagogical sciences indicates the group of disciplines that together make up pedagogy, an overarching term for the study of education, which due to its complexity has been divided up into various specialist areas.

Pedagogy is a theoretical and practical subject concerning teaching and training processes, which should be studied systematically in its constituent parts, taking into consideration its dynamic and interrelated nature, as well as bearing in mind the multitude of factors that influence it.

Compared to the traditional approach to pedagogy, the term “pedagogical sciences” implies the widening of theoretical and practical approaches to education using other educational sciences. At the same time, it expresses a need for constant unified and innovative interdisciplinary research.

The Development of Pedagogical Sciencesback to top

The ways the discipline can be split up and the number of areas varies not only depending on the individuals and universities that organise Master's Degree courses in this field, but also on the development of the subject itself, which is constantly expanding and becoming more specialised through increasingly rigorous approaches.

There is no doubt that Pedagogy is an important subject in its own right, involving the all-encompassing training of humans as individuals. With this aim in mind it is essential not only to establish the nature and aims of the educational and training processes involved, but also to know how to organise, implement and assess the teaching. This should also bear in mind the increasingly complex and changeable social and cultural context.

The role of pedagogists and their trainingback to top

In today’s society, with education in crisis, a qualified pedagogist is a key figure, along with other specific professional roles, in the support of all educational bodies. Trainingthese individuals is a very important responsibility that society faces today.

The different types and the large number of specialisation courses show how diverse the specialist areas of professional pedagogists are, and, as a result, the training and professional opportunities available are also very varied.

The Master Degree in Pedagogical Sciencesback to top

The first teaching post in pedagogy in Italy was created in the second half of the 19th century. Currently, there are Master's Degree courses available in Pedagogical Sciences (LM 85), following on from the three-year Bachelor's Degree in Educational Sciences.

This category of degree includes courses with slightly different titles, such as, for example, the Master Degree in Planning and Management of School and Training Services at the «Auxilium» Faculty in Rome. This course trains managers and coordinators for schools of all levels and types, as well as professional training centres. It also qualifies graduates to coordinate and manage women’s training and development centres, as well as adult education centres with specific training needs.

The education of man is a human awakening

Jacques Maritain