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General informationtorna su

Students are designated as either Degree Seeking, Further Education, and Visiting Students.
Degree Seeking Students are those who wish to follow a given course of study to receive an academic degree.
Further Education are those who wish to follow a specific curriculum, in order to receive a vocational or advanced training qualification.
Visiting Students are those who attend some courses without intending to complete a degree.

Irregular (Fuori Corso) Students are those who, having followed a course of study, did not pass all the exams required to obtain a degree, or students who were registered for a year in their field of study, and have the requisites to register for the following year but decide not to register, thus interrupting their studies for a certain duration.

Enrolment and registrationtorna su

The Faculty is open to all those who accept its structure and programmes, and who meet the stated requisites.
To enrol as an Ordinary Student, candidates must:

  • hold a qualification that grants access to university in the country in which it was awarded
  • not be enrolled on an academic course at the same time at another university, whether religious or secular.

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