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A PhD is the highest university qualification available, and produces highly qualified researchers in one of the fields of educational sciences, able to carry out research and teach at universities or advanced research centres.

PhDs last a minimum of three academic years, and no more than five years.

To be admitted to a PhD, students must hold a Master's Degree/Licentiate (or other qualification recognised as equivalent by the Academic Council on the basis of the documentation submitted) in one of the fields of educational sciences in which they intend to pursue their PhD.
The Master's Degree (or other acceptable qualification) must have been earned within the last eight years and the applicant must have had an average not less than 27/30.
The candidate cannot be registered at the same time for a Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree or PhD at other universities.

The curriculum of the PhD includes training activities and academic assessments, carried out both individually and as a group. The study programme is defined for each PhD candidate by the Doctoral Commission and approved by the Academic Council.

Learning outcomestorna su

  • A systematic knowledge of one area of educational sciences, including awareness of how to use research methodologies associated with that field
  • The ability to analyse critically, evaluate and summarise new and complex ideas
  • Training oneself in interdisciplinary research to enrich one's own expertise in educational sciences
  • The capacity to conduct original scientific research that merits publication
  • The ability to communicate effectively with other postgraduate students, with the wider academic community, and with society in one's specific areas of expertise

Teaching and Learningtorna su

  • Preparation sessions specific to scientific research methodology in the fields of education and training
  • Organisation of a seminar discussing written research that demonstrates the ability to deal with the subject in a scientific manner and with critical skills
  • Reviewing publications, participation in seminars, conferences, and specialised conferences
  • Knowledge of two foreign carrier languages
  • Additional courses and / or workshops that form part of the student's specialist field
  • Internships at leading Italian or foreign research centres
  • Drafting the planned research for the Doctoral thesis
  • Writing the Doctoral thesis

Timing and gradestorna su

The timing and grades required for the assessments are as follows:

  • the research seminar must be completed and evaluated by the supervisor prior to the second semester of doctoral studies and receive a minimum mark of 28/30;
  • exams for additional courses and workshops must be concluded by the fourth semester and receive a minimum mark of 28/30;
  • the research project for the Doctoral thesis is submitted to the Academic Council for approval by the third semester, and no later than the fourth semester.

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