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Psychological Sciences and Techniques

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The Bachelor's Degree or Baccalaureate course in Psychological Sciences and Techniques promotes the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills in the fields of psychological sciences and related humanities.
With an interdisciplinary perspective, it provides basic training in the specific scientific investigation methodologies of the psychological disciplines and in certain intervention procedures in educational and social contexts.
The course provides access to the subsequent Master's Degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology offered by the Faculty.

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At the end of the degree course, the graduate will have to prove that he/she:

  • is familiar with the complex and diverse field of psychological sciences;
  • has acquired the critical-assessment references for the different psychological models;
  • has acquired theoretical and methodological knowledge in order to administer and interpret structured psycho-diagnostic techniques for the psychological assessment of intelligence and specific abilities of subjects of developmental age;
  • is familiar with the statistical methods and procedures for processing psychological data;
  • has acquired the ability to observe individual and group behaviour in different educational contexts;
  • has acquired the communication skills required for educational interaction, at individual, group and institutional level;
  • is able to detect problems, on a cognitive and relational level, related to educational models in primary relational contexts and school and social contexts;
  • has acquired adequate computer skills for communication and information management;
  • to know and use a foreign language.

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At the end of the degree course, the graduate, subject to enrolment in the Professional Register Section B of Psychologists, may work in the psychological field under the supervision of a professional psychologist and may collaborate in educational and social contexts with other professionals:

  • in psycho-educational interventions and school/vocational guidance;
  • in training activities for teachers and youth workers;
  • in the identification of forms of distress and risk and in the implementation of preventive interventions;
  • in the design and implementation of parenting support interventions.

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The Bachelor’s Degree Course covers three years, during which 180 ECTS credits must be obtained. To obtain the credits required to graduate, students must carry out the required training activities (courses, seminars, workshops) and an internship, as stated in the study programme.

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The Licentiate and PhDs of the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences «Auxilium» are of pontifical right. For civil purposes, the degrees are valid in accordance with the laws in force in the various countries and the particular rules of each University.

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NDERI Lucy Muthoni
NGUYEN Thi Quyen
STRAFFI Elisabetta
VERGARI Maria Grazia

Internal Psychology Internship Commission

NDERI Lucy Muthoni

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